Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Style!

We are passionate about grooming great pets at a great value. Our professional Pet Stylist and assistants are dedicated to providing hands-on care that will leave your pet feeling happy, smelling wonderful and looking beautiful! Guaranteed! Full-service Groom

Includes a brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, bath with shampoo, dry and haircut. 
  • Small Dogs (under 20 lbs): $90
  • Medium Dogs (21lbs to 40 lbs): $100+
  • Large Dogs (over 41lbs): $130+
  • *25% price increase if pet is severely matted .
  • More than 15 minutes brushing will be charged $1 per minute. 
  • If you wanted to cancel your appointment please cancel it 24 hours before and after that we are charging $30 for cancellation. 

Full-service Bath

Includes a 15-minute brush-out, ear cleaning, nail trim, bath, dry.
  • Small dogs $45
  • Medium dogs $60
  • Large dogs $70+
  • If your dog needs brushing more than 15 minutes, we are charging $1 per minute extra.                                                                                     

Cat Grooming

We do cats too! We recommend a Lion Cut for long-haired kitties that get matted or need to cool down during summer.

  • Lion Cut (without sedation) $160
  • Bath & Dry $60      

Other services

  • Nail Trimming: $15
  • De-Skunk Bath: $30-$80 
  • Flea Bath: $30-80
  • Brushing Teeth: $15

Contact us for more information on pricing or other service inquiries by email or at 604.971.6161